What is 5paisa Loans?

What is 5paisa Loans?

5paisa Loans is India's preferred lending platform that ensures premier service, transparent processes and healthy ROI for its lenders. It’s a platform that connects lenders, looking for higher returns and portfolio diversification, with verified creditworthy borrowers. 5paisa Loans provides customized loan products and alternate investment option where the borrower gets a loan at a very competitive interest rate and lender earns above-average market return on the investment.
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    • Can I take multiple loans at a time?

      No, you cannot have multiple active loan at a time. However, if you are eligible, you can take a top-up on your existing loan
    • Why to take personal loan from 5paisa P2P?

      5paisa P2P is RBI certified NBFC-P2P which offers personal loans at low-interest rates to borrowers. We offer a completely online process with paperless documentation and fast disbursement.
    • How is my loan eligibility decided?

      At 5paisa P2P, we use a very robust credit evaluation model which takes into account different parameters such as credit score, open loans, repayment history, income in hand, among others, to decide your creditworthiness and loan eligibility.